Who AM i

As a practitioner I cannot be separate to the person that I am. I feel that with everything I learned I had the opportunity to grow as a person.

In order to understand why I use modalities, that on the first impression look like opposites, I need to talk about how my professional life developed over the years.

In my previous life, before 1995, I was a computer programmer and a very physically sick person. Migrating to Australia helped me to come across a lot of modalities that helped me to get well again. 

Since then I have studied some extensively and others I have done basic courses to complement my listening skills (to the body and to people). But every single one has helped me to be the practitioner I am today.

In 1996 my journey started out with learning Reiki. It helped my own healing journey tremendously and over some years I became a Reiki Master. I also had a strong sense of wanting to learn body work and learned Bowen Therapy for humans and dogs. At that time we inherited a dog and two horses from the previous owner of the property we bought and I wanted to treat them holistically.

While finishing my case studies for humans I had a treatment with Cranio Sacral Therapy, developed by John Upledger. I had such an incredible experience that I got off that table knowing this is what I wanted to do. I have done a lot of training with the Upledger Institute, including Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation and Somato Emotional Release. For many years I worked as a Craniosacral Practitioner for humans and at the same time I did some training in Craniosacral Therapy for horses. Tying into the Somato Emotional Release I followed the developments of Trauma Therapies.

In 2014 I came across a modality called Jin Shin Jyutsu. What I really loved about it straight away was the ability for Self Help. I could give my clients advice for self help at home and it gave me a tool to upkeep my own body. Since finishing the necessary training I have been teaching Self Help classes for humans together with a colleague and I have been using it extensively when treating animals.

In the same year I came across a small device called a Physiokey that I acquired mainly for treating myself. Then training and certification for equine use became available and since March 2019 I am a Certified Equine Physiokey Practitioner.

In 2017 I was made aware of the Trust Technique. I bought the video course and started working with my own and foster animals to help them release past traumatic experiences.

I realised that this is what I am missing when I am working on and with animals. Teaching the owner to understand and give them the tool to improve their relationship with their own animal or animals, to help the release of stressful events that are influencing this relationship. But also for the owner/carer of multiple animals to solve issues between them.

In 2018 I started the training to become a TT Practitioner and I am so very pleased to say I am qualified for both modules now. This enables me to teach any owner/carer for whichever animal that is in their care, including wildlife.

Trust Technique, Physiokey and Jin Shin Jyutsu complement each other very well. I can help an animal on the physical and emotional/mental level for themselves and in their interaction with other animals. And I can also help the relationship of owner and animal because these issues are very often connected.

My dream of working with animals and their owners has come true, enhancing peoples relationship with their animals and in that process activating healing for both of them.

Additional modalities that I trained in and that have helped me personally and in my professional life:

Homeopathy; Feng Shui; Samvahan vibrational Massage; Trauma Release Exercises (TRE); Myofascial Release; Human Dissection; Equine Dissection; Donna Eden Energy Medicine; Neurographic; Kinesiology

All the people who had a big impact on my life and my work:

My good friends for always having an open ear and supporting me. My husband for teaching me lessons in expectations and patience. My own animals for their patience when another rescue needed more attention. All my human and animal clients for teaching me to become a better practitioner. John Upledger, Caroline Myss, Rudolf Steiner. Every teacher of any training I have attended.

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