What is it?

The physiokey is a device used for pain relief and functional improvement.

How does it work?

Physiokey therapy can be applied directly to a painful area to quickly relieve pain, reduce inflammation, unlock tension and keep muscle soft and supple.

The physiokey locates key treatment areas to deliver targeted treatment for optimal recovery.

The highly variable waveform and simple treatment protocols allow highly individualised and specific treatment.

A physiokey treatment will be between 45 and 60 minutes.

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Sam and Mia

I decided to give physiokey treatments with Monika a go on my Boxer cross American Bulldog Mia last year. Mia’s front paw was badly broken when she was a puppy and it was never treated properly, causing it to heal splayed to one side. As Mia started to approach 5years of age I noticed her paw was becoming harder to manage. If she overdid it, she wold often be lame to the point of non-weight bearing for a few days. I was thinking that surgery might be our only option. We had a series of 4 physiokey treatments within a short space of time and I noticed an improvement after about the second treatment. She wasn’t needing to wear her leg support at all and wasn’t pulling up lame after activity. Her paw was looking less swollen. After her 4th treatment Mia was about as good on her paw as she’s ever been – running, playing and jumping like any other dog her age. And unlike other modalities we’ve tried, the results stuck. It was over 6 months before she started to look like she needed another treatment. I will keep her on maintenance treatments every few month and hopefully we will be able to manage her paw without surgery for the rest of her life. The before and after videos speak for themselves.

Mia before
Mia After
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