Trust Technique

This is what will change a relationship between owner and animal forever. I just love teaching an owner this way of helping their animal. It has so many applications because it deepens the bond, creates understanding on both sides and can transform not only the relationship but also the individual.

The Trust Technique is a mindfulness practise. I will be teaching you how to go into and stay in that mindful state, and how to apply this mindfulness with your animal but also with yourself. Both of you will benefit from this practise.

A consultation will take about 1.5hrs with a follow up call a week later.

There is also an option for me to come and work with an animal directly, providing that the owner agrees to have a consultation to continue the work. This is helpful in more difficult cases.

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Patsy and Pearl

Pearl and I have not enjoyed a great relationship, and of late her displeasure, and unwillingness to co-operate with haltering and basic handling has increased. She has always been a ‘touch me not’ horse and treating injuries was ‘at my own risk’. I could get co-operation with the usual natural horsemanship kind of training methods, but the willingness, understanding or trust was not there. Monika introduced us to the Trust Technique, and Pearl and I are now learning to listen to, respect and read each other with much greater understanding and a lot less defensiveness. We both trust each other a whole lot more. Haltering now happens without biting, running off, stomping etc. Last week Pearl suffered a nasty injury on her lower back leg requiring veterinary attention and sedation to be able to attend to the injury and it was bandaged from hock to fetlock. Two days later the trimmer was due and I suggested we wouldn’t bother trying to do her trim. The trimmer has been using TT with her horses and we decided to try and trim the injured leg using TT. I had no expectation, was probably a teensy bit skeptical, but Pearl got trimmed! Not once did she show any concern or distrust or move away. She was also calmer and more co-operative with the other feet being trimmed. Each day I am using TT to handle the injured leg in preparation for the next bandage change, and Pearl is non reactive. I am humbled by this horse, after years of me not listening to her and not understanding or regarding her she is giving me so much trust. Thank you Monika and TT.

Fresh Injury
working on picking up the injured leg
Being trimmed 2 days after
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