Trust Technique

This is what will change a relationship between owner and animal forever. I love teaching an owner this way of helping their animal. It has so many applications because it deepens the bond, creates understanding on both sides and can transform not only the relationship but also the individual.

The Trust Technique is a mindfulness practise. I will be teaching you how to go into and stay in that mindful state, and how to apply this mindfulness with your animal but also with yourself. Both of you will benefit from this practise.

The Trust Technique can help:

  • your animal to overcome stressful situations like anxiety, fear of storms, fear of other animals or objects, ………
  • your animal to change behavioural issues like not accepting another animal, aggressiveness, over excitedness,……..
  • you have a better relationship where you are more in tune with each other.

A consultation will take about 1.5hrs with a follow up call a week later. There is ongoing support if needed, in person, by phone or via zoom.

There is also an option for me to come and work with an animal directly, providing that the owner agrees to have a consultation to continue the work. This is helpful in more difficult cases.

TT could be of immense help for rescue organisation and shelters. Helping the animals to become calmer will help them to not be stressed out about the environment, accept training a lot quicker, make the veterinary care easier and in general will create a much calmer animal that can be adopted out in a much shorter time. I offer part of my time free to rescues. Currently I work with Project Hope horses in Victoria but there is still availability for a dog rescue and a wildlife shelter. Please apply via the contact page.

If you want to learn and experience more about the Trust Technique I am available for a free 15min. phone conversation to see if the Trust Technique is right for you and your animal. If self paced learning is what you want there are two video courses with links below. To get the most out of it I recommend a consultation and the lifetime video course for increased awareness and learning. I do recommend the Messages of Trust to watch before a consultation.

Messages of Trust

Lifetime video course


Patsy and Pearl

Pearl and I have not enjoyed a great relationship, and of late her displeasure, and unwillingness to co-operate with haltering and basic handling has increased. She has always been a ‘touch me not’ horse and treating injuries was ‘at my own risk’. I could get co-operation with the usual natural horsemanship kind of training methods, but the willingness, understanding or trust was not there. Monika introduced us to the Trust Technique, and Pearl and I are now learning to listen to, respect and read each other with much greater understanding and a lot less defensiveness. We both trust each other a whole lot more. Haltering now happens without biting, running off, stomping etc. Last week Pearl suffered a nasty injury on her lower back leg requiring veterinary attention and sedation to be able to attend to the injury and it was bandaged from hock to fetlock. Two days later the trimmer was due and I suggested we wouldn’t bother trying to do her trim. The trimmer has been using TT with her horses and we decided to try and trim the injured leg using TT. I had no expectation, was probably a teensy bit skeptical, but Pearl got trimmed! Not once did she show any concern or distrust or move away. She was also calmer and more co-operative with the other feet being trimmed. Each day I am using TT to handle the injured leg in preparation for the next bandage change, and Pearl is non reactive. I am humbled by this horse, after years of me not listening to her and not understanding or regarding her she is giving me so much trust. Thank you Monika and TT.

Fresh Injury
working on picking up the injured leg
Being trimmed 2 days after

Sam and Lynx

When I first brought home my horse Lynx 18 month ago he was a very busy and anxious boy. He seemed confident on the surface but underneath he seemed to be a ball of worry. He couldn’t be still, he was always busy marching my other horses around the property or looking for mischief.He was also very anxious about food security, being aggressive at meal times and bolting his food down to the point of choking himself. I don’t really know much about his past, other than that he had been broken in to harness and raced twice, then used as a stud, all before the age of 4. He was in poor condition when I picked him up, in a paddock with lots of horses and not much feed. He was wary about people making sudden movements around him, was untrusting of his feet being handled and frequently overreacted to humans as though he expected to be hit. Although he learnt to trust me quite quickly when I was handling him, I was desperate to find a way to help him find some peace when he was out in the paddock so he could stop bullying my other horses and worrying about food. So I sought Monika’s assistance to try him with the Trust Technique. We had done some work with my other gelding, so I knew how well horses respond to the technique, but Lynx’s response to it was amazing! It was like he finally found a way to let go of the busyness and just be at peace with himself! We did a few sessions together and Monika taught me how I can use the technique on my own and now I have a different horse! He still has that propensity to become busy but I just have to remind him with a few minutes of Trust Technique and then immediately he is like “oh, thank you, yes I can relax now”. And he often hunts me down when he feels like he needs a bit of help finding peace – even coming up to my back verandah and sticking his head over the back porch demanding I give him a session! The minute I come out and start getting present he relaxes immediately into a deep state. It’s so nice to be able to give him that peace and we’ve really bonded as a result. I did some sessions involving feed times and he’s a lot more relaxed now about that too – I can approach him when he’s eating without any anxiety or aggression and he now eats slowly! I would highly recommend Monika and the Trust Technique not only for horses with anxiety issues but for anyone who wants to develop an amazing connection with their horse.

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